Quantec does not diagnose, as it does not use symptoms, instead it goes to the root of the problem.

Quantec does not diagnose, as it does not use symptoms, instead it goes to the root of the problem.

Health Problems

For health and temperament problems use Quantec solutions.

You need more than TLC. Be one step ahead. Utilize Quantum physics ! It is futuristic health technology (Star trek space age technology), designed for health analysis and therapy on people and animals, based on instrumental biocommunication.

Quantec uses radionics as a method of analysis and therapy at a distance which utilizes specially designed instruments and can determine the underlying causes of health or emotional/temperament problems within a living system, be it human, animal or plant itself.

While Radionics is mainly used to analyse and treat human ailments, is has also been used to enhance the health of livestock.

Horses are very receptive to this therapy.

Quantec Analysis will indicate physical/emotional details (overall health condition), it is so sensitive, it even picks up problems before it becomes clinically visible .

The therapy also helps with healing of all types of health problems, concentration, nervousness, depression, moodiness and stress. (it benefits my daughter (who had a minor stroke) and grand daughter who both are ADD)

It is safe, involves no intrusion or moving of the person or animal. With no side-effects or medication !


For health and temperament problems use Quantec solutions.

From babies to adults. Colic, cutting teeth, hyperactivity, attention deficit syndrome, children’s diseases, acne, shingles, grumpy old men and all other health problems. It has an excellent pregnancy program including anti- morning sickness etc. and for a person in a coma (medically spoken) (not meaning employees, coming alive at five.) ALL WITH NO MEDICATION !!

For enquiries please contact me and remember – distance is not a problem.

Presently doing analysis and therapy on people and animals all over the country, including Swaziland, Britain, Hungary Argentine, Canada and Indonesia.

Our animal section deals with anything from cats, dogs, sheep, cattle, tigers, lions to horses .

Before buying an animal (horse) have it analysed and let your vet read the analysis to enable him to get a good picture of the animal’s overall condition (emotionally – nervousness etc. and physically – even an off centre vertebra, defects can not be hidden).

This system is so sensitive, it picks up health problems even before it becomes clinically visible.

Instrumental bio-communication makes it possible to reveal the mental backgrounds to physical problems by means of comprehensive analysis, to find practical solutions and to support positive changes by mental irradiation.

Because of their special sensitivity and openness to this level of communication, horses in particular react within a very short time by making visible progress.

As soon as a health problem is noticed contact us and follow “To start”


Our time zone is CAT (Central African Time = universal time + 2hours)

From receipt of the required information during office hours CAT, we aim to E-mail the analysis to you in 4 hours .

The following is needed.

A photo of the horse/animal (head and neck) like when looking over the stable door to the outside or full body, BUT, nobody else or part of, or other animals in the picture, only the horse.

Take a photo with a camera / mobile phone (or use an existing photo) and E-Mail it to healthytherapy1@gmail.com

Information required.

Head and shoulder photo preferably taken in sunlight . Name, surname, date of birth, address, contact numbers (WhatsApp) , E-mail address.
Animals- Photo as above. Name , gender and date of birth if available  plus (Owner’s  information as above)
Photos sent by WhatsApp or email.

Therapy programs available for all animals, domestic, farm, wild and pets.
Stud breeders, it is important to protect your prize animals with Quantec. See first testimonial.

In Quantum physics, the picture gives the “photon ” address where the diode scans the subject, it also sends the therapy via the photon level.


WhatsApp Mobile: + 084 911 2339