Quantec does not diagnose, as it does not use symptoms, instead it goes to the root of the problem.

Quantec does not diagnose, as it does not use symptoms, instead it goes to the root of the problem.

Hi Thys, please can u put my three horses on healing for another month, results so far are AMAZING in all three, complete turnaround, was going to put Storm down, his problems are gone, also other 2, pleases confirm this msg tx. Justin

Teacher’s Testimonial (Eastern Cape)

44 year old  female  teacher  diagnosed  with Parkinson’s disease.
Trembling to such an extent  that she could not write on the blackboard .
After 4 days she could carry on with her blackboard work as the trembling and  Parkinson’s symptoms has disappeared.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

After his final school year our eldest son did a gap here at our local church.  Students from all over the country and from all walks of life enrolled for this gap year. It was compulsory for all students to stay in the communes and to share a bathroom. After a few weeks our son ask that I call  Thys from Health A&T to scan him with the Quantec machine.  Our son told me that he had suspicions that he had contracted  STD.  Some of the other students living there have no regard for privacy or hygiene and some of them will use others’ toothbrushes and sponges without permission and even sharing the same bathroom is a health risk.  I contacted Thys and the Quantec machine discovered that our son had contracted  of STD’s.  Thys said that we do not need any medication since the Quantec Machine  already has sent through therapy and all  the STDs have been eliminated with the first treatment.  After another scan later on there was no signs of any STD.

Two years later our youngest son had an ailment and I contacted Thys to scan him.  The Quantec machine listed that our son didn’t only have the ailment he also had contracted an STD.  As we know by now that sharing a bathroom or toilet at school or at a public place is a health risk, we were not alarmed,  because we know that the Quantec is more than capable of treating any ailment, sickness or STD imbalance. We were all treated by the Quantec for the STD to make sure that we were all clean and couldn’t infect one another.

We have been using the Quantec machine for a number of years now.  We cannot remember the last time we had to go to a doctor for sickness except for an operation.  The Quantec machine is phenomenal and the care and professionalism of  Thys  highly recommended.

Name withheld but can be supplied on request.

Encephalitis 6 year old

“Our six year old daughter was picked up from school when she complained about a severe headache.   Her speech was affected and she started  screaming  from pain, so we took her to the paediatrician.   He did a thorough check up and told me he was certain that she hadEncephalitis ( inflammation of the brain) and they started to do blood tests and prepared me that she will have to go for a lumber punch and also for a brain scan.   We contacted Thys Branders from Healthy Therapy to treat her with Quantec therapy which commenced before the blood tests.   When the blood test came out later that day it showed that she did not have Encephalitis anymore.  Originally the doctor prepared us saying , that for Encephalitis our daughter with be hospitalized for a minimum of 21 days, but after one night in the hospital she could go home and she was a 100% healthy.“

I share this unbelievable miracle with you as Tim’s mother:
I had the privilege to meet Thys and hear about quantum physics from him personally.
Shortly thereafter, I contacted Thys about my son’s behaviour.

All that I told Thys about Tim’s birth, scholastic performance, and severe illness during November 2017 (when he became aggressive), was confirmed by quantum physics and more. Tim was depressed, antisocial – withdrawn and isolated – plagued with nightmares and irrational fears – especially the fear of dying, which caused him to become obsessional about his health.
I received Thys’ analysis on 9 April 2018. At last, I knew the cause of Tim’s condition! For 35 years. doctors were unable to give an accurate diagnosis of Tim’s disorder.

If you believe in an Almighty, All-knowing Creator, then you will understand that God is in control and that He is our healer.
After two weeks, an improvement in Tim’s behaviour could already be seen. And after ten weeks, Tim was a completely different person. He is not on any medication, sleeps well, has no aggressive behaviour, communicates calmly and normally, has a positive disposition, and laughs once again. His relationship with the Lord has also deepened. I anticipate even more blessings in future.
You are welcome to contact me to confirm my testimony.
I contacted Thys on 8 May 2018 about a very sensitive and itchy rash. Quantum physics identified the rash and additional problem areas for which I received treatment.
Five weeks, and I’ve no itchy skin and feel fantastic!
Thanks Thys.

Hannetjie Turner

Hello Thys

I have no idea what you do or how it works, but it’s unbelievable!
Before I contacted you on Saturday morning, Loren was crying with pain – she had shingles spread over her body in three places.
By Saturday night, the rash in one area had completely disappeared and a massive improvement was seen in the other two areas. But she still had a lot of pain.
This morning (Sunday) she woke up with only a fraction of the pain, which abated dramatically during the morning. The rash had faded and she could touch and rub the area which was not at all sensitive or painful. At this stage (16:00) she had absolutely no pain whatsoever!
In less than 24 hours she is almost completely healed from shingles. How is this possible?


To Quantec

my horse Katanga Ixchel is a Selle Francis mare, 10 years old. She is very sensitive and always willing to please but sometimes her eagerness gets out of hand. She is very competitive and when I ride her and she is stiff, she can throw her toys out the cot. When we jump and she touches a pole, she gets very upset and tends to run afterwards. She use to get very nervous and competitive at shows which made it difficult for me to try and jump a calm round. The warming up was normally very tense and she would just jog or bounce in one place. After hearing about Quantec and putting her on it, she has changed dramatically for the better.
I have just been to our second 1.10m show and she was extremely calm, I could walk her on a soft rein and warm her up in the trot on a loose rein before gently taking the contact. Her jumping round was incredible. She kept a calm steady rhythm and I was even able to ride her on in some places. We went on winning our class. 
Thank you Quantec for the influence you have on my horse. She is an absolute pleasure and she loves doing her work without being nervous of disappointing me.


Heart valve

Sally (not her real name) suffered to such an extend from chronic tiredness that spending 3 days at a time in bed was not uncommon and has been the norm for years.

She loved garderning but not having energy to get out of bed was very frustating. It appears as if this condition started after the birth of her youngest which was about 15 years ago

Quantec scan indicated amongst other problems also damage to one of the heart valve muscles. Reducing blood flow resulting in a lower oxygen availability to the body and less energy.

Three days after therapy commenced and surprising everybody she was digging and working in the garden.

When questioned said “ I have not had so much energy in years”

Constant pain in her leg also affected her. The medical diagnosis was vein damage due to thrombosis.

After 8 weeks Quantec therapy the pain disappeared.


Retha (not real name) developed a shattering headache with a swelling at the back of her head just above the nape of the neck which became bigger by the day.

Quantec scan indicated an aneurysm development. High intensity Quantec therapy commenced and a few days later the headache as well as the aneurysm swelling disappeared.

Real names can be supplied on request.


We bought Yatan in January 2010 to compete in endurance rides.

Unfortunately we later noticed a few problems.

  1. When moving it appeared as if his feet was sensitive and tried to compromise with his hind legs.
  2. He was very nervous and jerked and move away when you approach him, before trying the next approach, you had to gain his confidence again.
  3. His movement appeared fine one day and the next day not, as if something was wrong somewhere.
  4. Appeared to have a movement stiffness.

We requested a Quantec scan in November 2010 without sharing our suspicions about the nature of problems or mentioning the problems with Thys at Health A & T, until we received the analysis.

The analysis was so accurate about the problems, that I immediately phoned Thys to discuss the items on the analysis.

The Quantec recommendation was a three month therapy.
After a month’s therapy the change was very clear.
I am ecstatic with Yatan’s recovery, after 2 months therapy he is definitely a different horse.
His nature and temperament has changed so drastically , it appears as if a renewal took place inside him.
His nervousness is gone and he approaches us, looking for attention and touching.
The day to day movement difference has also disappeared.

He also had a lack of hoof growth compared to other horses. Our regular farrier, aware of the growth problem, remarked that he could not believe the growth that took place since the therapy commenced.

Yatan appeared to be stiff in the beginning of exercises and gradually loosened up, but with the therapy there was a marked change and the stiffness has now disappeared.

We have slowly started a training schedule, but the way he now reacts towards us is indescribable. It literally appears as if he has found a new purpose for living.

He looks much more happy, motivated and content and not as lethargic as 2 months ago.

Thank you very, very much, Thys and Quantec.

Kind regards,
Celeste Hayward.

Hello Thys,
I bought Jildert April 2009, from a person in the Cape. After a few days it appeared that something was wrong. After tracing his history I realized that he was actually very ill.
I was referred to you for placing him on Quantec therapy. Though skeptical about the therapy, I was prepared to try it. Up to now I don’t understand the therapy principles but must admit a vast difference in him.
Al the health problems indicated by the Quantec analysis was exactly what he battled with, from what I have heard about in his history and seen in him, since he was imported to South Africa.
At a young age he had kidney failure and Onderstepoort had no hope for him. The Quantec analysis also confirmed a liver problem which I suspected.
Since he completed the Quantec therapy he is a different horse. His temperament, health and all about him improved so much, that I had no choice but to take him to shows as a prime example of his species.

With the Friesian Horse Show SA on 13 November at Parys he received 1st placing for stallions above 6 years.

Thank you for your help with Jildert as well as my other horses and foals on Quantec therapy. I have faith in the therapy and refer others to you.
Keep on with the good service you supply.

Hello Thys,
More good news, this time regarding Ewan. He was on Quantec therapy for a front leg which he could not use since he was a foal. Both him and his mother was sold.
Speaking to the new owner today I was informed that he was 100% fine. He runs about and uses the leg as if the problem never existed.
By the way, earlier I was advised by the vet to have him put down because of the leg.
How does that sound !

Kind regards,
Marlene Brits.
Benmar-Black Friesian Stud.

The following was supplied by Mark Smith:

Foresyte Nearly Tickets.

Tickets is a very competitive 9 year old gelding, who loves to compete in all disciplines.
During the Pretoria show in 2008 he was not himself, throwing his head, not eating, lacked energy and was generally out of sorts. We contacted Thys from Quantec and his analysis showed the following;
Parasite in the brain, enzyme imbalance as well as a few other abnormalities which was affecting his well being.
We then decided tp put him on a three month course with Quantec.
Within 48 hours Tickets started looking a lot better, he ate everything we put in front of him and after about 3 weeks he started to get his form back in the dressage arena also stopped throwing his head around.

In October, Tickets was entered for the Free State & Northern Cape Dressage Champs with the following results:
1. A first place in Elementary 3 & 4.
2. A first in the pony riders dressage team test.
3. A first place in the musical freestyle.
4. Became the Free State & Northern Cape –
Pony rider dressage champion for 2008.
Congratulations to Mark and Nearly Tickets from Health A & T.

The following was supplied by Colette Voight:
Codi American Quarter Horse Stud
President – South African Quarter Horse Association

THE STORY OF TEE AND HONEY’S FIGHT FOR LIFE Tee and Honey’s mom, Honey Bar (a registered American Quarter Horse) had been off colour for four weeks prior to foaling. Sweating up, showing colic like symptoms, not eating, not bagging up and generally depressed. The Vet was called out to examine her and said it was non specific and took bloods for analysis. After a few days when she showed no improvement I phoned Thys. He urgently ran an analysis of the mare and reported Ergot Alkaloid poisoning and placed the mare on therapy.

Honey Bar showed a steady improvement, stopped looking like she was about to abort her foal and eventually started bagging up. Tee and Honey was born on the 14th September 2008, ten days early. At birth she appeared normal, except for some neck gesturing, but by day three had stopped suckling. She was rushed through to Onderstepoort Equine Clinic on the 17th of September 2008. She was diagnosed with Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy. This condition can be caused by many things, but it is my belief that this occurred as a result of maternal illness associated with the poisoning. Tee and Honey after an intense fight for her life was discharged from O.P. on the 22nd of September 2008. Just two days later she started showing signs of going into distress, had an elevated pulse and temperature. I immediately phoned Thys who placed her on therapy . Within three days of commencing the therapy the foal was healthy once again and is now strong and fighting fit.

Amarillo Robane (registered American Quarter Horse) gave birth to T’s Heartstopper (sire Import Quarter Horse stallion Teelusified) on the 19th of September 2008. This little colt was not as lucky as his half sister (Tee and Honey). His dam had shown no clinical signs of any poisoning and had to all intents and purposes been exceptionally healthy during her pregnancy. For this reason she was never placed on Thys’s therapy. Unfortunately this was really not the case, as following a difficult red bag delivery the colt exhibited severe signs of hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy. He was rushed through to Onderstepoort Equine Clinic, and was placed on life support until he passed away on the 21st September 2008. Later the same day his mom Robane underwent emergency colic surgery, but following a ruptured caecum was euthanized. A devastating loss for the Stud as Robane was not only an exceptional broodmare, but a competition horse as well. Robane died as a result of post foaling complications (she had a retained placenta as well) which I firmly believe was related to the poisoning. We lost both mare and foal on the same day.

I am of the opinion that the two cases are related, that both broodmares were subjected to this poisoning, both had foaling complications as a result of this poisoning and the only reason that Tee and Honey is alive today is because her mom, Honey Bar was on Thys’s therapy. My biggest regret is that I never placed Robane on the treatment.

My message to other stud managers…be extremely cautious of commercial feeds (which may contain mycotoxin contaminated grains) and fodder, you can’ t always be certain what is in the feed (even the most expensive)… if you have any problems (whatever they may be) give your horse a fighting chance and put him/her on Thys’s treatment.

Colette Voigt
Codi American Quarter Horse Stud
President – South African Quarter Horse Association

This lady (name can be supplied on request) took her grand children to a park on Sunday, where people are encouraged to feed the animals (rabbits, goats (boerbokke) etc) On feeding a goat she was bitten. Thinking nothing of it she wrote it of as a bad experience. The Tuesday not feeling well, she went to her GP and received medication which caused a terrible allergic reaction, ending up in coma’s a few times. The Friday about midday I received a call from her, requesting a Quantec scan (saying “it feels as if I am dying”). Her voice sounded as if she was in a terrible state. The scan indicated – rabies. That’s right “RABIES” A high intensity program commenced – every hour for 30 seconds. The Monday morning she was so much better that she got up the morning doing a few things and then rested again. Her muscles were still sore but better. It then transpired that when she phoned the from the doctor’s consulting rooms on the Friday she already displayed the advanced rabies symptoms nl. severe headache due to brain swelling, confusion, very painful muscle spasms and a stiff neck due to seizures. At this stage one may be past medical help, but, as Quantec is able to destroy viruses the lyssa/rabies virus was destroyed, and she recovered.

From KZN the following.

This young lady cleaned out a stable and a few days later, experienced pain in her muscles but according to her – “deep in the muscles” and not feeling well, a Quantec scan was requested. The analysis revealed various health problems, infections and inflammations with the main two areas of concern.
1. Arterial Fibro muscular dysplasia (decrease of blood flow) leading to headaches and light headedness.
2. Junin virus infection with a 30 % fatality rate (from rodents) causing ;
Conjunctivitis. Purpura underskin bleeding) Petechia (tiny red or purple spots under the skin due to bleeding) Sepsis.

From Klerksdorp a high intensity therapy was commenced (every 30 minutes) By noon the following day the spots have already started to disappear and she felt much better.

The following was provided by Johny McLean.

When one of my horses appear to go down I had a vet out for a diagnosis, which he could not give. Three vets and blood tests later – no answer yet. Having previously had another horse successfully diagnosed by Thys from Health Analysis I requested a Quantec scan on this horse, to shed some light on the cause. From the analysis some of aspects were as follows.
1. Gonitis, Nephritis and Periostitis of the lower jaw.
2. Acute pharyngitis and inflammation in the mouth.
3. Viral respiratory infection damaging the lungs.
4. Hormone imbalance due to the Pituitary gland.
5. The main problem was Meningococcal infection (blood poisoning)
Quantec therapy commenced and four days later the horse had recovered. I have no doubt as to the accuracy of the Quantec diagnosis and therapy and recommend it to every horse owner.

The following was provided by Michelle Hobbs

Another horse started to act differently with it’s head and neck movements. On Thursday the vet said a torn muscle in the back may be the cause, however suggested that an appointment be made at Onderstepoort for a complete checkup,x-rays, sonar etc. It was arranged for the Tuesday. On Friday a Quantec scan was done and some of the problems found were as follows. Tumors of the larynx, liver inflammation, Respiratory tract viral infection (Equine Herpes virus) Anaemia caused by malnutrition, Loa Loa viscerale larva (it damage the heart). Botulism, Pain in the nerves. A neurotropic viral disease — Venezuelanian equine encephalomyelitis was manifested in the stiff neck with so much headache that the horse did not want to lower its head to drink water. Quantec therapy commenced (on Friday) and on Tuesday the appointment at Onderstepoort was cancelled due to the much improved condition of the animal which fully recovered in the next few days from the virus with no medication. To stop the tumor growth and potential heart problem we kept the horse on Quantec therapy for three months. At $65 per month the Quantec saved us a lot of expence and time. I have no doubt as to the accuracy of the Quantec diagnosis and recommend it to any one who wants to know more about their horses in a way that vets cannot provide.

Marguerite Human and Brandenburg Sportsman – 23 June 2008

I have had Brandenburg Sportsman for just over three years now. For insurance purposes, I took him to be vetted in Johannesburg. Various flexion tests showed Sportsman to be lame in three of his legs and also suffer from mild bone spavin in his hocks. The vet warned me that Sportsman ‘s soundness would always be a problem especially as his work and the height of the jumps increased. He basically told me that as a result of his underlying physical problems, Sportsman would never jump high. He suggested a supplement and corrective shoeing. The supplement definitely did help but very often, and for no apparent reason, my horse was indeed lame.

In February 2008, after speaking to Thys, I decided to try Health Analysis for Sportsman. At that time he was extremely lame, despite several supplements and receiving a Legend injection in January.

After only two weeks, Sportsman was as sound as a bell! His concentration has improved and he is a lot more alert and he is enjoying his work now, his jumping is bold and even more careful. I am very happy with the results and I love working my horse knowing that he is happy and pain free, thanks to Health Analysis we are now jumping up to 1.30m.

Radar Love belongs to Mr. Paul Mills at the Welkom Equestrian Centre.

From the horse’s behaviour it appears to have had traumatic experiences in the past at some stage before Paul took care of the gelding.
1. Transporting the horse to and from an event caused it to be covered with sweat all over, even down to the hoofs, due to stress. Saddle and riding had the same stress and all over sweat effect.
2. He took a bite at anybody within reach, even at a pony when in the same camp.
3. He charged at people entering the camp.
4. Kicking the stable walls.

The end of July a Quantec analysis was done by Health Analysis and Therapy from Klerksdorp, with therapy commencing immediately.

1. Three weeks later the stress condition has disappeared, only the normal sweat under the saddle.
2. No more bites at passing beings.
3. Charges in the camp stopped.
4. No more demolition tricks in the stable.
Therapy was completed 3 months later with a happy owner, rider, relieved passerby’s and a horse on optimum performance.


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